Freedome square

Estrada Poznańska has been a manager of Plac Wolności since 2013. We are responsible for maintaining its cleanliness, we run current maintenance works and coordinate the activities run in the Square. We do our best to make the Square an attractive and friendly place. It is a space in which cultural and social events are held, such as Generator Malta, Transatlantyk, Poznan Design Days, Opera Know How, New Year’s Eve Party, exhibitions and fairs. We cooperate with the Municipal Office, Old Town Community Council, public and council services, entrepreneurs, as well as institutions and associations working in the Square.

Conducting activities in Plac Wolności
An application for organizing a project in Plac Wolności should be filed minimum 30 days before the planned event. Obtaining an approval depends on the schedule of events and the availability of the Square.

Anna Kozłowiecka
City Centre Project Manager
M: 61 852 88 33