Estrada Poznańska

Estrada Poznańska has been active in Poznań for 65 years. It was founded on 30 December 1954. Its seat on Masztalarska street is a place where a cult comedy group Tey used to meet and perform. A lot has changed since that time. Nowadays, Estrada organizes a variety of cultural events: exhibitions, concerts, performances, open-air events, cabaret meetings. Our pride our three festivals: International Animated Film Festival Animator, Made in Chicago and Poznań Baroque.

A venue which is important for our activities is Scena na Piętrze. It is a meeting place for artists who represent different voices, views and different means of artistic expression. By our producing-artistic activities, we are trying to make Scena na Piętrze a point where senior citizens, students, children and anyone else who is can meet.

In 2004, we established Galeria Oko/Ucho (Eye/Ear Gallery). A few significant and well-received events have been held there, including: “The islands of Franciszka and Stefan Themerson in Poznań – Stefan’s Island”, “An Eye Can Hear, an Ear Can See (the Grammar of Space) by Natalia Brandt”, or the exhibition of posters by Dawid Ryski’s and Mateusz Holak at Spring Break Festival.

Estrada Poznańska has also a cinema. With its 100 years of history, Muza has been one of the most dynamic art-house cinemas in Poland. It is a cult place attracting film buffs with its original repertoire. Thanks to its well-planned programme strategy and out-of-the-box ideas for film events, the cinema has been substantially contributing to Poznań’s cultural offer. It also teaches the young audience about films by means of the scheme New Horizons of Film Education. Poznań Film Commission and Regional Film Fund are other important areas of our film-related activities.