Old Market Square

Estrada Poznańska has been the manager of the Old Market Square since 2013. We are responsible for keeping it clean, we conduct current maintenance works and coordinate the activities run in the Square. We do our best to make the Old Market a safe, clean and friendly place. We want it to be open for the citizens of Poznań and tourists as well. We cooperate with the Municipal Office, municipal and cleaning services, entrepreneurs and institutions and associations working in the Old Market.

Old Market Square activities:

1. Stalls

Applications to run souvenir stalls are accepted at the beginning of each calendar year. Because of their limited number, every year stalls are granted based on first come first served terms. Before making an agreement to run a stall, it is necessary to pay a deposit into Estrada Poznańska’s account in the amount of PLN 300.
Account number: 33 1240 6595 1111 0010 5210 6366 Bank PeKaO S.A.

2. Beer gardens

The rules of establishing and functioning of stalls and beer gardens are prescribed by the Order of the Mayor of the City of Poznań no. 214/2005/P of 24 February 2005 on the rules for the location of seasonal gardens and free-standing advertisements, as well as temporary construction projects on the ground being the property of the City or managed by it, including the right-of-way of public roads managed by the City, as amended by the Order of the Mayor of Poznań no. 301/2007/P of 09 May 2007. The Order of the Mayor of the City of Poznań no. 127/2010/P of March 30 2010 and the Order of the Mayor of the City of Poznań no. 157/ 2011/P of March 28 2011.
Applications for the establishment of a beer garden should be submitted 30 days in advance.
The list of documents required to make an agreement on running a beer garden, as well as the list of rules concerning the arrangement and functioning of the gardens are available at the link below.
The rules of the arrangement and functioning of the gardens

3. Cultural Projects
An application for organizing a cultural project in the Old Market Square should be filed minimum 30 days before the planned event. Obtaining an approval depends on the schedule of events and the availability of the Market Square area.
Because the Old Market is protected by Heritage Conservator, establishing a contemporary structure in the Square requires obtaining the approval of Heritage Conservator and City Landscape Officer.
The possibilities for placing various types of objects in the Old Market Square, including beer gardens, and structures for occasional events are specified by the local spatial management plan “Old Market Area in Poznań". It is available on the website of the City Urban Planning: http://www.mpu.pl/plany.php?s=6&p=25

Anna Kozłowiecka
City Centre Project Manager
M: 61 852 88 33
e-mail: a.kozlowiecka@estrada.poznan.pl